Family of Artists CD

Family of Artists CD
Available with book - $25-NZ p&p extra

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bain Duigan of Brightspark Books publishes this CD with book, Family of Artists by Kat S. Idea and Transformer Davis Jnr, using the words of Raewyn Alexander, her vocal performance and poetry. Cover artwork shown above is by the same and is contemporary ink drawing over a Victorian photograph.

ISBN 978-0-473-20757-1

Or kindly order from Brightspark Books, 45 Ivanhoe Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, NZ

The launch price is $20- NZ and then after the launch it is $25- NZ
Postage and packaging overseas is extra according to where you are, yes.

The launch is by invitation from the publisher, Brightspark Books ph (09) 846 1757 and it is on 26 February 2012 from midday to 6.30pm

The family of artists live in a castle in the middle of nowhere, which they make into whatever they wish, according to what suits the day, evening, or other dimension.

Fourteen poems and various images make up this collection, inspired by items from the internet on social networking. It's more apparent now that there is a world-wide family of artists, perhaps, with so much information appearing in our lives from many places using various media, writing, sound, images....

A poem from the FoA collection -

Family of Artists

in a samey flat town
limited in exurbia and surrounded with cows
she followed a river in a story
lived inside books
breathed easier each brushstroke
poured her identity into shapes
the black and white truth of photos
swam through music to the sky

songs and dance for muscle
a journey between lights
questions are her map
adopted herself into a family
shared a certain attitude
believed ability built bridges

writing gives birth to more writing
artists grow closer through work
as if once related in another life
congregate, discuss, debate and puzzle
a skippity hop dazzle
but alarmed and bemused
how can arts help?
between extremes a variety of landscapes
these journeys of words

into her circle and she into theirs
again thoughts turn to an artist family
overlapping spheres of influence
a pattern like gift wrapping
these mysteries our companions
the work always there to be discussed
found our lost and painted it

thanks thanks thanks
gratitude beads of jewellery
at home amongst fortunate reputations
solitary communication with the unknown
related by ability and a desire to learn
the inheritance of fine practices
Picasso said every artist has a mother and father
[who were artists]
brain aid poetry from online travesties
preserve the sanity of social angels

* Please note the phrase social angels was invented by Genevieve McClean during our GLPO action.

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