Family of Artists CD

Family of Artists CD
Available with book - $25-NZ p&p extra

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Much of the garden and art installations are finished now, trees and plants to give away to those who appear early are ready, (plant more trees is our slogan) months of effort.... Major finishing touches like the Crumpled Great White Cloud of Drafts - all clean found scrap paper - does not go up until Saturday. Anyone who would be able to assist us is most welcome, delicious food and drink for all helpers. From 10am is fine. People who just want to sit around and talk about helping are also welcome.

Art has been freshly created and some jewellery too, by Jarrad Godman. The books are here, thanks to everyone involved with the Eye Street Book, The Family of Artists book and CD and the other works which shall be available.

Many people are dropping hints about their costumes, can't wait to see what everyone's wearing. Fun, that's what we need, good old-fashioned good times. See you there, Blue Haven, Happy Tea House (my place), Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021 - if you have not yet RSVPed then do let us know by phone, facebook message or email. We are here to take your call *smiles* UPJ only three days away, launch and exhibition. Jarrad Godman, Jack Ross, Genevieve McClean, Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway, Alice Hooton, Rosetta Allan, Ila Selwyn, Peter McClennan's bringing some sounds, Minnie Prickle could also play some music, Raewyn Alexander may appear or will she be someone else? Dress up as your favourite writer, artist or entertainer, there are six prizes. Cash or cheque only for merchandise. Have a drink with us and share some delish. See fb event for UPJ for more info.

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